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The Nordic Target Group Index provides counts on:
• Individuals divided by category
• Individuals divided by specialty
• Individuals divided by position/role
• Institutions divided by category
• Institutions divided by specialty

Note that:
• The selection includes only active persons with at least one active workplace.
• An individual can appear multiple times in the specialty and position/role counts

Excluded from the counts:
• Market Access

The Nordic Target Group Index

The Nordic Target Group Index provides you with an overview of the count of each target group offered by IMS Health's OneKey database. The Nordic Target Group Index includes Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The target group index is recalculated and updated five days per week.

Healthcare Professionals Database

With more than 13.7 million healthcare professionals, OneKey is the global standard for activities linked to medical prescriptions

In a complex and evolving healthcare environment, you need data solutions that are comprehensive and accurate. OneKey, our global Healthcare Professionals Database, supports you with high quality data managed by experts. Use it to power IMS Health solutions, and OneKey data suddenly improves the performance of everything – business development activities, segmentation and targeting efforts, even your initiatives to increase CRM efficiency at the worldwide level.

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